Parent project for all the USOOG Project

    • appdirs4j

      A Java library for finding platform-specific directories, such as a user config directory. This is a port of the Python appdirs project to Java.

    • GemTD

      A clone of GemTD

    • HexTD

      HexTD is a tower defence game, inspired by VectorTD. The aim of the game is to stop enemies from reaching their target, by strategically building defence towers. It includes singleplayer, multiplayer and a map editor.

    • Logback IRC Appender

      An appender for the Logback project to log messages to an IRC channel.

    • Pack200 maven plugin

      A Maven build plugin that will pack jar files to pack200 format.

    • SolarStorm

      The Noid's prototype for USOOG Game Core

    • TDCore

      TDCore is a powerful Java framework for creating 2D tower defence games. This will be used by the Creep Attack and HexTD projects. Feel free to use it too!


      • A base with all things a TD-game could need.
      • Different "GameLoops" for easy mangement and performance reasons. Own GameLoops can be added....
    • USOOG Commons

      USOOG Commons is a library with various useful tools written in Java.

      Some things included:

      • GameCore - a generalization of TDCore
      • USOOG Network - a small simple wrapper around Apache Mina to parse and send Messages (as used in GameCore)...
    • USOOG Highscore

      Highscore viewer for USOOG games

    • USOOG Token

      Token authentication generator for USOOG games.

    • Viral Shift

      A Buggle Connect clone.

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