Welcome to the USOOG Redmine instance!

This is our main development area for all of our project. Here we have our source code repositories as well as bug trackers and development documentation. All our code is public because we believe in free software.

We develop, test and host our games using Linux both for clients and for the server, which runs Debian, but the games are cross-platform because they are written in Java. All of them are available here at our Redmine instance.

To make it easier for us we also have the following tools:

  • Jenkins - our continuous integration builder.
  • Apache Archiva - the maven repository manger we use.
  • Maven repository - It is what it says. We use a sub domain alias of the Archiva repository to make it future proof.
  • Sonar - our code quality checker.
  • phpPgAdmin - Web interface for PostgreSQL.
  • ownCloud

To show a list of all projects simply click Projects at the very top of this page.

If you wish to participate you may register an account. We also have an IRC channel at irc://irc.usoog.com/USOOG-dev which can also be reached from our web client.

Latest projects

  • appdirs4j (02/12/2015 11:14 PM)

    A Java library for finding platform-specific directories, such as a user config directory. This is a port of the Python appdirs project to Java.

  • Creep Attack (02/03/2015 07:07 PM)
  • Pack200 maven plugin (01/05/2014 06:39 PM)

    A Maven build plugin that will pack jar files to pack200 format.

  • Logback IRC Appender (10/20/2013 06:24 PM)

    An appender for the Logback project to log messages to an IRC channel.

  • Blocks (09/06/2013 10:11 PM)